Why Marvel Loves Alternate Universes (Buzzfeed)

This title is being co-written by Kieron Gillen and will feature a 1602 version of Bucky Barnes! Here’re the relevant Bucky deets:

MB: We want to make the series our own; I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and the original run, but we really didn’t want to just retread something that was already very beloved, we wanted to go out and explore the furthest corners of that universe. So you’re going to see people who never appeared in the original series. We’ve got a 1602 Bucky Barnes, and we’ve got 1602 Guardians of the Galaxy, which has never been done before! So yeah, we’re very excited to have fun with it and tear off full speed ahead.

I’m so excited to see 1602 Bucky Barnes and all his glorious eyeliner.

MB: (laughs) I mean this isn’t a spoiler, but I basically needed literally the most handsome man in the Marvel universe for this character, sooooo that meant Bucky Barnes.

The entire interview—which covers diversity in comics and the impact of titles like Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel on the comics landscape, in addition to offering a glimpse of what fans can expect from 1602: Witch Hunter Angela—is well worth a read.

Also worth noting on the “Secret Wars Bucky Watch” front: according to this CBR article (as well as Marvel’s June solicits), Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier will be continuing through Secret Wars—at least for a while. I imagine that, given the already multiversal setting of the series, the title doesn’t require much of an overhaul to fit in with the objectives of Secret Wars.

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