From the Mailbag: “Can you talk more about Runaways?”

blubellula asked:

Hi, my name’s Adriana, I’m Italian so forgive my bad English. I write to ask about this Battleworld: Runaways comic which you talk about in your tumblr. I’m a huge fan of cinematic and comic Bucky but I never heard about this issue. Can you talk about it so I could find it (maybe) somewhere in a store or in Internet?! Thanks

Hi Adriana! I’d be happy to talk a bit about the upcoming Runaways series, although at this point my knowledge of it is pretty limited.

Runaways is a new comic series written by Noelle Stevenson and illustrated by Sanford Greene that will take place on one of the territories of Battleworld—the new universe that is being created in the wake of the Secret Wars that will result during the culmination of Jonathan Hickman’s “Incursion” storyline. The original Runaways was a hugely popular series by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona that ran on and off throughout the 2000s about a group of superpowered teens who run away after finding out that their parents are supervillains. This series is a continuation of the original series concept rather than a sequel, and it features only one original character—Molly Hayes.

In Stevenson and Greene’s version, the teens—most of whom are alternate versions of established characters like Jubilee, Cloak & Dagger, Valeria Richards, and Bucky Barnes—are students at an exclusive private school who run away after discovering their headmaster is a supervillain. Bucky may be one of the runaways. However, as the concept art shows, while this will be an exploration of a teenaged version of Bucky, we won’t be dealing with the 616 version of Bucky but with a Bucky who lost a right (rather than a left) arm in what might be very different circumstances than 616 or MCU Bucky lost their arms. (The robotic arm technology looks a bit different as well, for what that’s worth.)

Runaways is not available yet, but it will be released sometime in June and should be available on Comixology and/or through other online and storefront comic book retailers.

Here are some links if you’d like more info about the series, the creative team, and the upcoming Secret Wars crossover:

I hope this answer was helpful! And your English is excellent, by the way. 🙂

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