Morning Links – 9/22/2015.

“Your opinion is in your WORK. Tell stories. Tweet your work not your snark and complaining.” —Nelson Blake II’s advice to aspiring comic book creators.

On the one hand, I agree very much with Blake’s opinion that it is better to create than to aspire. At the end of the day, the only thing that gets the work done is doing the work. On the other hand, I find some of his statements dismissive of legitimate criticism. Just as one does not have to be a creator to critique, creative work is not the only valid way to render an opinion on something. Nevertheless, Blake’s advice is definitely worth a read.

Scott Walker has dropped out of the presidential primary race.

A seventeen-year-old boy in North Carolina has been charged with sexual exploitation for taking nude photos of himself. Yet another sign that puritanism remains out of control in the US.

Sebastian Stan—never one to shy away from taking shots at the DCEU—snarks back at Zack Snyder during an interview about Captain America: Civil War and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My hero!

Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso debunks the suggestion that Marvel is planning to kill off the X-Men just to mess with Fox Studios.


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