Afternoon Links – 9/28/2015.

Mark Millar thinks it will be easy to adapt both Civil War and Old Man Logan for film franchises that don’t have the rights to all of the characters featured in said stories, arguing that streamlining the stories will actually serve a cinematic adaptation better than trying to cram everyone in.

Idris Elba dishes about his character in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, and his hints are giving me life. I can’t wait for this series to be rescued from the dregs it was left in by Orzi, Kurtzman, and Lindelof.

Bill Nye the Science Guy says that anti-choice arguments are based on faulty science.

Listen to the cast recording of Hamilton: An American Musical.

In an instance of supreme irony, a BBC news presenter was catcalled while making a report about catcalling and street harassment.

The city of Toronto has teamed up with Food Share Toronto and United Way Toronto to bring fresh produce to lower-income urban areas at an affordable price: the Mobile Good Food Market, an old bus-turned green grocer that offers city-dwellers an opportunity to get good greens without the costs of travel.

There is running water on Mars right this very minute, says NASA. This discovery will help scientists and science agencies around the world to tailor their searches for extraterrestrial life to specific regions of the planet where life is most likely to be found. It will also materially impact our plans for human exploration on the red planet.


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