Afternoon Links – 9/29/2015.

In a new interview, Nicolas Cage says he doesn’t have time for regrets and marvels at the fact that no one seemed to realize both he and director Neil LaBute understood that their The Wicker Man remake was going to be comedic.

Bloody Disgusting‘s review of The Witch, which is slated for release next February, makes me want to see it real bad.

Senator Elizabeth Warren outlines white America’s responsibility to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

BJ Britt and Stan Lee made an absolutely adorable “Trip Lives” video at Edmonton Comic Expo, prompting fans of Agent Triplett to speculate whether or not this means that the makers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might bring the beloved character back.

Ezra Klein and Michael Pryor, the CEO of Trello, discuss whether productivity software can actually harm productivity. (TL;DR—Yes, it can. Everything in moderation, kids.)

Matt Damon really really really needs to stop talking, but in an interview with Ellen he claims that his comments about actors keeping their sexuality a mystery were taken out of context. I still think he needs to stop talking. Because, the thing is, his sexuality is not—and never has been—a mystery. He’s married and has children, so we know that he likes women. And that knowledge is taken as a given; in a heteronormative society liking people of the opposite sex is seen as the default. There’s no mystery about it. So, regardless of what Damon says he was trying to express, he needs to understand his comments in the context of our heteronormative society: saying that people should keep their sexuality a mystery to be better actors—by default—only applies to LGBTQIAP people. And that’s not okay. It is, in fact, exactly why we need to embrace LGBTQIAP visibility both in front of, and behind, the camera. Representation (in life and in the media) matters.


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