Afternoon Links – 10/26/2015.

Mark Ruffalo joins the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. I am fully on board with this casting—particularly if it serves to further distance us from the disastrously-handled romantic subplot between Bruce and Natasha in AoU—however I am not here for any sidelining of Jane Foster. Give me Bruce and Jane being total nerds together while Thor stands around in the background with the goofiest, most adorable grin on his face; give me Bruce and Jane saving the day with the awesome power of their combined science; do not give me Bruce mansplaining a bunch of shit that Jane undoubtedly already knows or Jane sitting at home like a nice little woman while Hulk and Thor save the universe from certain doom. I am NOT HERE for any sidelining of Jane Foster.

Edgar Wright, Bret Mackenzie, and Johnny Depp are all in talks to collaborate on an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s delightful children’s book Fortunately, the Milk.

mcu phase 2 set

The contents of the Marvel Phase 2 gift set have been announced, and they look pretty damn amazing. (I see the Bucky file! A replica of the HYDRA file on Bucky will be included in the set!! It’s right there —>)
The set will be released on December 8.

In an amazing, and amazingly candid, interview, Daniel Craig discusses the misogyny of James Bond, the sexist double standards that cinematic sex symbols are held to, and how the character has gotten better through the inclusion of strong, intelligent, and interesting female characters. Bless.

In defense of The Last Witch Hunter. This review pretty much completely sums up my feelings about this film (which I am going to go see again on Thursday because I enjoyed it that much—told you I’d be seeing it fifty-thousand times). It’s good for what it is, and it doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. Plus Vin Diesel is the motherfucking best, and this is a movie that showcases his best qualities. The Last Witch Hunter is fun, funny, and self-aware. It’s a worthy entry into the B-movie canon, and I suspect that—poor showing aside—it will go on to have an enjoyable afterlife as a cult classic, living on in much the same way its protagonist does.

Point & counterpoint: MrDisgusting and Chris Stuckmann on what’s wrong with modern horror films.


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