The Original Captain America Returns (  I also hear that Steve has a new mission and team with him. What will Steve be doing, and who will he be working with?

Nick Spencer: While some of these are details we have to hold on to for now, Steve still has Sharon Carter at his side, not to mention a couple of other faces from his past that make very fun additions to the story. And he’ll continue to lead the Unity Squad over in UNCANNY AVENGERS.

I’m not exactly sure what I think about this news. After all, it really wasn’t very long ago that Steve Rogers lost his super serum to begin with (he was deserumed in the summer of 2014), and while I always expected Marvel to restore him eventually, I didn’t think they’d revert to the status quo so quickly. Of course, this preview is being released on the heels of the recent teasers that Marvel has sent out that proclaim “Dead No More.” So perhaps they’re gearing up to reverse all the major upheavals of that period (the death of Wolverine and the fall of the Odinson) this year.

casr 01 cover
Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (2016)
cover by Jesus Saiz

There are some potentially good things coming out of this news, though. I’m not sure I’ll be particularly interested in the “Greatest Generation” “fighting the true face of evil” vibe that Spencer is pitching for the new and improved Steve Rogers title, but I’m relieved to know that Captain America: Sam Wilson isn’t going anywhere for the time being. Additionally, the rebooting of Steve Rogers in the comics indicates that we probably won’t have to worry about bidding farewell to Steve Rogers in the films for the next little while, which suits me just fine. And the above quote from Nick Spencer hints at the possibility that we’ll be seeing Bucky on a more regular basis following the end of Standoff—a version of him certainly seems to be present on the cover of CA:SR #1. Last year, Marvel was hinting at a possible death for one of the Captain Americas during the Standoff crossover, but this cover (and the cover for Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega #1) imply that all three men will make it through one way or another.


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