“Daily” Links – 2/2/2016.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Greg Sargent on what Hillary Clinton needs to learn from the Iowa Caucus. Sargent makes a very interesting observation about how Bernie Sanders has succeeded through his ability to empathize with voters’ feeling about the current state of the country, while Clinton has been less successful by taking a problem-solving approach that skirts the emotional dynamic of the election contest. I find this absolutely fascinating, as it is reflective of a very specific element of human behavior that I have both witnessed and performed on a personal level. To wit, sometimes you just want to vent about something that’s upsetting you, and to have someone else validate those feelings of anger and pain, without having to listen to a bunch of suggestions about how to solve the issue that you’re not ready to implement yet because you haven’t moved to that stage of the process yet. It’ll be interesting to see if Clinton improves her ability to validate voters’ feelings of discontent over the course of the primary contest—and if Sanders is able to marry his empathetic approach to policies that resonate with the Democratic base.

02-david-bowie-vintage-clothing-w245-h368A number of costumes worn by David Bowie over the course of his fashion-forward career will be showcased at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show this weekend. For those of you not in the New York City area, check out a sampling of the pieces that will be on view.

For anyone interested in the details of DC Comics’ upcoming Rebirth event, Bleeding Cool is devoting a full day to news stories about the rumors that are currently swirling around series launches, cancellations, and more. Check it out here, and remember: this is all still rumor and speculation…

The director of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi, teases a potentially more conscious version of the Hulk and much more.

Charlotte Finn at Comics Alliance weighs in on the Ike Perlmutter/Donald Trump kerfuffle, reminding readers that corporations like Marvel are not people and therefore cannot love you back.

Laurie Penny discusses the feminist implications (or lack thereof) of Barbie’s recent Fashionistas upgrade—arguing that while the recent changes do constitute a positive, albeit small, improvement in terms of representation, the real goal should be teaching little girls that they don’t need to concern themselves with any social standard of beauty in order to be worthy of respect and pointing out that the media furor surrounding this reboot is perhaps a bit overzealous. I’m honestly not sure to what extent I agree with this argument (or with the assorted pieces of this argument), but I found it to be a very worthwhile read. Good food for thought.


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