One last bit of wild speculation…

…and then I’m calling it a night.

“The Whisperer,” Captain America: Sam Wilson no.2
Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña

If it turns out that Bucky is somehow not trapped in Pleasant Hill, my backup bet is that he’ll turn out to have been masquerading as the mysterious hacker known as “The Whisperer,” who leaked the records about the covert program that gave rise to Pleasant Hill to the media, who has been feeding Sam Wilson all kinds of mission intel since that time, and who is bound to have an important reveal during the course of Standoff!

(And if Bucky is trapped in Pleasant Hill, then my guess is that “The Whisperer” will turn out to be Sharon Carter, who has also been notably absent until now, who has worked with Sam in this capacity before, and who will be part of Steve Rogers’ team post-Standoff!)

(I lean toward the latter possibility for a variety of reasons…)


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