From the Mailbag: “Iron Fist is a rich white guy.”

Anonymous asked:

Iron Fist is a rich white guy in the comics, the casting of a white actor is logical.


No. No, it’s not logical. It’s typical, and there’s a difference.

Look, I know that Iron Fist is a rich white guy in the comics. Pretty much everyone who was hoping they’d cast an Asian-American actor for the part is aware of that fact. And, incidentally, I find it incredibly insulting that people who prefer a white Danny Rand assume that those of us who prefer an Asian-American Danny Rand do so because “we just don’t know comics canon.” It’s not that we don’t know comics canon; it’s that we know it, and we don’t like it.

Danny Rand is a rich white guy in the comics. He’s a rich white guy who goes to a pseudo-Asian pocket dimension (located in Tibet) and becomes teh-best-practitioner-of-kung-fu-ever-omg™ and then comes back to the west to use his powers/skills to fight crime. Essentially, he’s a mighty whitey story trope. The mighty whitey has long and storied tradition and—with a few subversive exceptions—it’s incredibly racist.

Marvel had an opportunity to turn this racist trope into an example of positive Asian-American representation and chose not to.

The fact that people are disappointed about this is logical.

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