From the Mailbag: “But Elektra’s death is iconic.”

smokingroot asked:

But Elektra’s death is iconic

Her death is iconic, but lots of comic book deaths are iconic, right? Gwen Stacey’s death is iconic, and she’s back and more popular than ever. I just want Marvel to skip the middleman when it comes to the MCU version of Elektra.

My reason for this is that Elektra’s death—in addition to being iconic—was also a classic example of fridging a female character in order to generate manpain for the male character, and that’s a trope that we just don’t need to see anymore in my opinion. Additionally, having made Elektra a woman of color, killing her off would do terrible things to Marvel’s track record on characters of color (which is already in bad shape). They really don’t need to kill off an Asian female character simply because it was an iconic death thirty-five years ago.

Part of the beauty of the Marvel films is that they are an opportunity to create a new iconography. I’m hoping they will.

Thanks for your question.

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