“Daily” Links – 3/3/2016.

The governor of South Dakota has vetoed a controversial anti-Transgender bathroom law.

The Koch brothers will not attempt to block Trump’s nomination.

Former Ronald-Regan aid Bruce Bartlett is hoping that Donald Trump’s run for president to take down the Tea Party once and for all.

Jacqui Germain on the importance of Melissa Harris-Perry’s courageous decision not to comprise with MSNBC execs on the direction of her show or to remain silent about the situation.

Maddy Myers asks why Patty Tolan is the only ghostbuster who is not a scientist.

Neither the Asian children who formed the cornerstone of Chris Rock’s Oscar joke about child-workers, nor their parents, had any idea that they would be the butt of such a joke before they signed the contracts to appear.

Ian McShane joins the cast of American Gods as Mr. Wednesday.

In your feel-good story of the day, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson invites a boy struggling with cancer to come spend a day with him on the set of Baywatch.

DC Comics releases a three-song Black Canary EP to promote the release of the series’ first volume trade paperback, Kicking and Screaming, and it’s pretty fucking good. Check it out:

And then check out music from the band’s “collaborators”: Michelle Bensimon of Caveboy and Joseph Donovan of Receivers.


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