“Daily” Links – 3/7/2016.

In honor of Captain America’s 75th anniversary, Captain America: Sam Wilson no. 7 (which will be released on March 30) will feature 80 pages of celebration: an Avengers: Standoff! tie-in from series team Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña, as well as commemorative Cap stories from Tim Sale, Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins, and Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. Here’s a preview.

Meanwhile, over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Collider unveils a couple of Civil War interviews: The Russo brothers talk about what to expect from the film, while Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan try to discuss character development without giving too much of the story away.

Also: Team Iron Man and Team Cap explain their characters’ reasons for taking sides.

J.K. Rowling will publish a four-part series on the history of magic in North America to the Pottermore website this week. The first installment will be available on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 2pm GMT (that’s 9am EST; 6am PST); the following three installments will follow on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the same time. (h/t)

Jada Pinkett-Smith takes Chris Rock’s Oscar jokes in stride.

Akilah Hughes on the negative stereotyping of black women in the new Ghostbusters trailer and why it’s a problem.

Katie Barnes on the how the most recent episode of The 100 perpetuates harmful tropes about lesbian women.

Actress-singer Zendaya has been cast in an unspecified, though prominent, role for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, and speculation is rife about who she could possibly be playing. The character has been referred to as “Michelle,” but the fact that this is not the name of any prominent characters in the Spider-Man pantheon has led some to hypothesize that the name is a cover for the actual character that Zendaya will portray.

Peter Shinkoda’s Nobu may return to Daredevil after supposedly being killed by Matt Murdock in season 1. Bringing Nobu back would be a very positive step in my opinion. There was something unsettling in the way he was killed off mid-way through the series, and if the writers are looking for a way to provide the Hand with complex motivations (which they damn well should be), Nobu would be an excellent way to help the audience get into their headspace.


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