“Daily” Links – 4/19/2016.

This comic gets the age old question, Star Wars or Star Trek?, absolutely right.

UC Davis attempted to have the infamous 2011 pepper-spray incident scrubbed from the internet, a service they paid nearly $200,000 for. And some people blame teachers for the skyrocketing costs of education.

Ghost in the Shell screenwriter Max Landis has taken to his Vlog to explain why no one should be angry about the whitewashing of the film. You know, I really love Landis’ The Death (and Return) of Superman short, and I thought Chronicle was a very interesting film, but between this and his tirade about how Rey from The Force Awakens is a Mary Sue, I’ve lost almost all respect for the man.

Ben Child, writing for The Guardian, offers a fair and nuanced counter to Landis’ Ghost in the Shell argument. See also, this brilliant essay by Ta-Nehisi Coates on the importance of criticism to pop culture media. Granted, Coates’ article is about the impact of feminism on media, but the points he makes apply equally well to critical race theory.

The evolution of New Superman’s name.


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