From the Mailbag: “Sam, Rhodey, and T’Challa are the best trio in the ‘Civil War’ movie”

Anonymous said (in response to this):

Kudos to you! Sam, Rhodey and T’challa are the best trio in civil war movie. The others are all bunch of idiots who don’t know how to talk but fight.

Thank you!

Actually, you’ve brought up a point that I feel is so important to stress about Civil War

I think that Civil War is possibly the most comic-booky comic book movie that I’ve seen in a long time. And when I say that I’m not talking about wacky tech or the far-fetched villainous plans, I’m talking about comic book characters’ tendency to hit first and ask questions later. Comic book conflicts, particularly when they are between two groups of heroes, depend upon the characters involved not having a rational conversation with one another (or not allowing someone to explain themself before the bullets start flying).

So much of this movie (SO MUCH) would never have happened if everyone had just taken five minutes to talk logically about things, but it’s a comic book, and that’s just not how comic books roll, and so you sort of have to go with it!

But I love that they made a point of Sam and Rhodey (and Natasha, too) sitting back and trying to watch, listen, and evaluate before making snap decisions. (Sam and Natasha a little bit more than Rhodey, imho.) As for T’Challa, his whole arc was really centered on this notion of him being a man whose first instinct was to listen but who lost sight of that in the face of intense grief and then found his way back to rationality in the end. Honestly, his story was absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, thanks again and keep spreading the Sam-Rhodey-T’Challa love!

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One thought on “From the Mailbag: “Sam, Rhodey, and T’Challa are the best trio in the ‘Civil War’ movie”

  1. T’challa’s story was technically a B plot and yet it was probably the most compelling arc in the whole movie. tbh, it MADE the movie for me, and I instantly was left wishing that the Black Panther movie was coming out sooner! They did such a wonderful job with it, and the actor just…perfection, in my opinion. He and the writers and everybody involved in his character’s story just really nailed it.


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