And one more thing about Bucky and Kobik…

bucky & kobik 03a
Thunderbolts vol. 3, no. 3 (2016)
Jim Zub, Jon Malin, Matt Yackey

I commented briefly on this once before in my post on Captain America: Steve Rogers no. 2, but I want to officially go on the record with my opinion that this whole situation is an Acme Dynamite Kit waiting to blow up in the Red Skull’s face.

I mean, does anyone else think that the Red Skull has come up with an exceptionally bad plan here? Honestly, I can’t imagine any way this won’t backfire on him in the end. On the one hand, you have Kobik: living under Bucky’s guardianship and learning from him, developing a genuine affection for him, and observing the lengths to which he’s willing to go to protect her. On the other hand, you have Bucky: taking care of Kobik and identifying with her, developing a genuine affection for her, and putting himself on the line to ensure that she has a healthy and happy childhood. (Something he never really had.) And that’s the next stage in the Red Skull’s plan to take over the world and make it HYDRA?

not a great plan

I’m just sayin.

I hope the Red Skull has a bit more up his sleeve because I can’t help feeling this plan is Voldemort’s-plan-to-force-Harry-into-learning-magic-he-never-would-have-otherwise-learned-(from-one-of-Voldemort’s-most-skillful-lieutenants-I-might-add)-before-their-first-major-confrontation-in-The-Goblet-of-Fire-levels of ill-advised. Twenty bucks says the Skull’s going to be in for a rude shock when it comes time to try bending Bucky to his will—and an even ruder shock when Bucky finds out he’s been using Kobik as a weapon…



One thought on “And one more thing about Bucky and Kobik…

  1. Yes. I hope Bucky goes full Asset on his evil behind! Given Bucky’s history with being used and manipulated, I can’t imagine he will take the news well. Especially when he learns what’s been done to Steve too!


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