NaNoWriMo Playlist

Happy Hallowmass!

I decided to take the the NaNoWriMo challenge this year, which will be an interesting exercise in discipline as well as a means of kicking off work on my next fiction project. This isn’t my first attempt, I participated twice before (and even won once), but it’s been a very long time since I had space in my life to do so, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

As part of my prep for this year’s round of novel-writing, I decided to make a music mix that would serve as both a soundscape for my writing practice and a map of the novel’s tonal—and narrative—trajectory as I currently perceive it. Each song in the 22-track playlist is associated with a specific character, theme, or narrative beat and organized into a roughly chronological (as far as I understand the chronology at this point) framework. Interestingly, the very process of articulating a soundtrack for the novel has proved to be an extremely effectively means of laying the basic groundwork upon which the story will rest. Music does illuminate…

Tonight You Belong To Me Eddie Vedder (feat. Cat Power) | Play Dead Björk | Broken DAAU (feat. An Pierlé) | Darkening of the Light Concrete Blonde | On Planet Off The Notwist | Fear of Ghosts The Cure | Linoleum Tweaker (feat. David Sylvian) | Pity Dance DM Stith | The Children Yeasayer | Incubus Recoil (feat. Douglas McCarthy) | Your Protector Fleet Foxes | (In)Reverse Sister Crayon | Swords Leftfield (feat. Nicole Willis) | Hollow Hills Bauhaus |Scope J  Ute Lemper | Ornaments of Gold Siouxsie & the Banshees | To Be Alone With You Sufjian Stevens | The Believers How to Destroy Angels | The Pool Tori Amos | Phantom Walls The The | Leaving Hope Nine Inch Nails | Teardrop José González


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