From the Mailbag: “Do you know which comic everyone is talking about?” (Secret Empire Spoilers)

Anonymous asked:

yo, do you know which comic is that one that everyone is talking about???? where they recently killed bucky??? i’ve looking everywhere, thank you!

Hi Nonny!

Thanks for your question! I wasn’t aware that everyone was talking about this, but for what it’s worth I’m pretty sure that Bucky isn’t actually dead.

I think my response could get a bit long, so first things first:

TL;DR – the comic you’re looking for is Captain America: Steve Rogers no. 16, although to get the fullest sense of what’s going on with Bucky, I recommend reading Thunderbolts no. 12, followed by CA:SR 16. (Weirdly, Secret Empire 0, which features a Bucky and Kobik variant cover, has no Bucky content at all…)

And now onto the spoilers and speculation!

Two important Bucky-related things happen in CA:SR 16: 1) Baron Zemo, Bucky’s arch-nemesis, tries to find and reassemble the fragments of Kobik, who self-destructed at the end of Thunderbolts when Bucky refused to join HYDRA; and 2) Zemo straps Bucky to a missile and fires him off over the ocean in retribution for Bucky’s “crimes” in an alternate reality. The outcomes of these two situations are interesting, and I think—perhaps—related.

We see the missile Bucky is strapped to explode at the end of CA:SR 16:

casr 16a
Captain America: Steve Rogers no. 16 (2017)
Spencer, Libranda, Cinar, Malin, Rosenberg

Reassembling Kobik is less successful. Dr. Erik Selvig (who has come to really love Kobik) scatters her remaining fragments when he discovers that Zemo plans to reconstitute her as a cosmic cube and deprive her of her autonomy:

casr 16b
Captain America: Steve Rogers no. 16 (2017)
Spencer, Libranda, Cinar, Malin, Rosenberg

Selvig does this before Bucky’s missile explodes. Thus, I think there’s a good chance that Bucky will be saved by her, one way or another, sooner or later.

I hope this answer was helpful to you!

Originally posted (in a slightly modified form) here.

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