Commenting Policy

Comments are moderated but only discarded if they contain inflammatory language (by which I mean slurs) or constitute a personal attack. Typically, I do not delete comments, but I reserve the right to do so in the event of harassment or blatant trolling.

Anonymous commenting is not permitted. If you really feel you must say something to me off the record, you may send me anonymous mail through my Tumblr account.

A few things would-be commenters should be aware of before posting: I am an intersectional feminist, and my posts reflect that viewpoint. I hold some very strong opinions. I am, however, completely open to discussing and even debating my opinions with those whose outlooks are different. (I’ve even been known to change my mind from time to time.) Please don’t be afraid to start a conversation with me if you disagree with something I’ve written. That said, while I will always approach an argument with an open mind, I am extremely hostile to trolls. Commenters who launch a steady stream of logical fallacies at me, who attempt to invalidate my broader arguments by nitpicking minor points, or who treat me like a fake geek girl? They irritate me considerably. And I am not always polite when I am irritated.

You have been warned.